8dog products are rigorously Made in Italy, they differ from classic bowl-holders on the market because they're made by 3 simple components: a foundation, an upper ring to instert the bowl and the 3 spacers. The spacers are customizable by customer according to the dog he own.

But our strong point is the materials, because we use plastic materials suitable for food, more secure and stronger than classic metal which oxidizes over time, or than wood which is more difficult to clean.

With this material it is guaranteed a perfect cleaning and a sanitation of the product in a few seconds, This resistant plastic is found in all our kitchens, why not use it for our friends?

The solid foundation obtained from heavy plastic, allows excellent stability even with the presence of big dogs. The bowl-holder guarantees high resistance over time.

Also the spacers are obtained from heavy plastic. In the "Evolution" model they are also modular with each other, in order to obtain different heights so you can follow your puppy through its growth.

Bowl-holder ring follows rigorously our canon of resistance and it's obtained from heavy plastic. Models: "Medium", "XLarge", "Evolution" are also equipped with an Easy Grip system, that guarantees stability even when the bowl is heavy and filled up.