The importance of a correct posture

Health and well-being of our animal friends

Just like for humans, correct posture is essential for physical well-being in the animal world.

Stress, wrong positions and physical trauma can cause a misalignment of the legs, jaws and spine, causing pain to the animal which in turn tries to compensate with also incorrect locomotor attitudes which in the long run can cause a skeletal misalignment.

In addition to well-balanced meals divided throughout the day in order to reduce the amount ingested, it is very important to help them feed with correct posture, avoiding that they have to collect the food by bending down to the ground.

Recent veterinary studies also show that dogs can suffer from real cervical diseases that can lead the animal to experience severe pain in old age, when it has to bow its head to eat.

8dog philosophy is to help our four-legged friends to assume a correct postural position by helping to prevent uncomfortable pathologies, partially avoidable with simple precautions such as the bowl raised from the ground. By eating in a more comfortable position, our animals will also avoid spilling food unnecessarily throughout the room, helping to keep the environment cleaner and reduce waste.

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